School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering


Edward Humphrey BEng (Hons)

Photo of  Edward Humphrey

Ed Humphrey came to Loughborough University in 2011 when he studied for his Undergraduate Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, graduated in summer 2016 with a 1st class and the Martin Jones award. He has since embarked on completing a multidisciplinary PhD degree sponsored by industry based in tribology, rheology and mechanical systems specifically high performance transmissions.

His program of research is to develop a lubricant – surface system in which the formation and retention of low shear strength ultra-thin films adsorbed to the surface of conjoining surfaces is ascertained. This will include research and development in the materials, coatings consideration, the additives within the lubricant, the lubricants effect on the surface and vice versa, adsorption and desorption characteristics, wear characterisation, boundary and viscous friction and surface topography characterisation.