School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering


Daniel De Becker MEng (Hons) DIS AMIMechE

Photo of  Daniel De Becker

Daniel received his Masters degree (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering from Loughborough University in 2017. Throughout his degree he worked on projects which included the use of ultrasonic assisted microtomy and the product development of needle guides in collaboration with the NHS.


  • Master in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Diploma in industrial studies.




Daniel is currently studying for his PhD in hybrid manufacturing which is investigating the use of additive and subtractive manufacturing with the collaboration of an inspection head. The project looks at utilising a single industrial robotic arm to repair and remanufacture components for the rail and high value pump industry. His research currently focusses on the use of hybrid (additive/ subtractive/ inspection) manufacturing using a single industrial robotic arm to repair railway lines after surface defects have occurred. This would allow for more accurate and safer repairs to be completed compared to the current manual process.


  • Hybrid manufacturing
  • Industrial robotics
  • Rail repair
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