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Anna Chang MBA, MCIM, DipM, BSc(Hons), TEFL

Photo of  Anna Chang

PhD Research Student

Anna Chang is a PhD student at Loughborough University.  Prior to her returning to academic studies, she was a Project Associate at the Electric Vehicle R&D Laboratory at Hong Kong Polytechnic University.  She administered effective communications with the various stakeholders of the project and helped organise seminars and conferences to promote university projects.

Anna has implemented two major projects in her professional career to date. First, Anna set up the Far East regional office for NXT Plc, an intellectual property company in sound and speech. The mission was to sign up licensees in the region and to staff the office, in order to provide timely engineering support to manufacturers. Her second accomplishment was the setup of a packaging design work flow system for Dairy Farm International Holdings, a leading pan-Asian retailer with over 6500 stores under well-known brands. The system was specifically for their supermarkets and hypermarkets chain stores and brought brand image consistencies to their private labels, which spanned across 7 countries. The biggest challenge was time management, as well as working with people with diverse working culture and different generations of technology.  While supervising 13 people in the team, efficiency and accuracy was the key. All samples had to be approved before they could be used in packaging and any delay or mistakes would interfere with the supply chain for stores.

Her diverse experiences have equipped her to build strong relationships across R&D, Engineering, Finance, Sourcing, Manufacturing, Marketing and the Media.  

She is currently the Development Director of the Asian Power Electronics Journal. 

Anna has taught on the ‘English for Professional Engineers’ course, which targets at working professionals in the Engineering industry.  She is also the founder of Speak3 Education, an online language platform that targets the Asian community.

Smart Sustainable Cities – Building Resilient System Infrastructures

Anna Chang is conducting her research at the Advanced VR Research Centre (AVRRC) located in the heart of the Holywell Science and Enterprise Park at Loughborough University. A leading Centre for Virtual Engineering, advanced modelling, simulation and interactive visualization techniques. These new technologies are being developed to overcome the limitations of current generation tools, especially with respect to the Big Data challenges of today.

Her research topic is Smart Sustainable Cities – Building Resilient System Infrastructures. Current research fails to consider communication and integration of physical infrastructure and social infrastructure. Smart city indicators to define a smart city commonly measure the efficiency of smart solutions after deployment, but give less consideration on impact indicators concerning environmental, economic and social sustainability. Current city projects are not integrated, because they belong to a specific sector where integration is not a consideration.

Cities change rapidly from day to day and moment to moment.  How do we improve sustainability and build resilience into our system infrastructure through innovative technologies?  This is the research area Anna is investigating on at Loughborough University.  


  • English for Professional Engineers – short courses, Power Electronics Research Centre, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  •  ‘Writing up the Competence Report for Chartered Engineer Professional Application’ – Workshop, Power Electronics Research Centre, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  •  ‘Speak-up-Speak3 Workshop’ for Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) English subject Speaking Exam Preparation – Cognitio College of Hong Kong
  •  ‘Speak-up-Speak3 Workshop’ for the Territory-wide System Assessment (TSA) English subject Speaking Exam Preparation – Cognitio College of Hong Kong
  •  Development of Innovative Teaching Methods Project – sponsored project by Cognitio College Alumni to support Cognitio College of Hong Kong English teachers.