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Professor Michael Wilkinson

Photo of Professor Michael Wilkinson

Mike is the Technical Director of Niteworks, a broad MOD/Industry partnership focused on the collaborative solution of systems problems in Defence. He is the immediate Past President of the INCOSE UK Chapter, co-chair of the INCOSE UK Chapter’s Architecture Working Group and co-chair of the INCOSE International Architecture Working Group. Within Atkins, he is a Technical Director in the Defence Business Unit and was the first Chair of the Atkins Systems Technical Network. He is a Visiting Professor at the University of Loughborough, where he is associated with the Engineering Systems of Systems (ESoS) group.

BSc: Special Physics, King’s College London. PhD: “Lattice generating functions: dilute branched polymers and polymer gels”, King’s College London.

Following an early career in theoretical physics research, Mike moved into a technical consultancy role with Smith Systems Engineering (now BAE Systems Detica). His interest in systems continued and developed through a variety of business and technical leadership roles, including founding Director of Reference Information Systems, Business Area Leader within Advantage Technical Consulting and Technical Director (Strategy) within Atkins Defence.

The majority of Mike’s experience has been gained in the defence sector, particularly with UK MOD’s acquisition and research agencies, where he has been involved with a wide range of defence platforms and systems. He also has experience of a variety of other sectors, including government, rail, and space.

Selected publications

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