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Jim Dobrzanski

Photo of  Jim Dobrzanski

Research Associate in Hybrid Manufacturing

James achieved a DipHe.Electronics and IT at Oxford Brookes University in 2003, after which he joined BMW UK Manufacturing Ltd at the Mini plant in Oxford. He performed a number of production-based roles, ranging from fitting parts on the production line to Shift Quality Supervisor for BIW output from the assembly plant.

In 2010 James was offered the opportunity to retrain through work and he returned to University. He completed his BSc(Hons) in Electronic Engineering at Oxford Brookes University in 2013, during which time the majority of his work development was within the Welding Department, based on automation and optimisation of resistance spot welding.

James joined the Centre in October 2014 to pursue a PhD for which he has now submitted his thesis and is awaiting his viva. He is currently working as a Research Associate within the Centre in hybrid manufacturing.

The main focus of my work was originally autonomous TIG welding. I have been involved in numerous projects to move the complicated task of TIG welding from human operators to autonomous systems. Developing sensor technologies for vision tasks, with bespoke control systems to undertake the welding operations with the use of external/addition sensor technology. The production of a hybrid human and robotic collaborative system is where I see the future of manufacturing in the short term, with fully autonomous systems using the learning from the collaborative approach to reinforce algorithms developed in conjunction with this work. The result of this would be a fully autonomous hybrid manufacturing system capable of viewing, path planning, material removal and material deposition. Any system could be adapted and re tooled for use in multiple industries such as aerospace, road, rail and construction.


Basic Electronics

Recent publication:

  • In process monitoring and control of automated TIG welding processes UKRAS 2019

Selected publication:

  • Evaluation of U-shaped weld prep identification and tracking UKRAS 2019 (Named)

External collaborators:

  • Rolls Royce, Derby
  • Weir Group, Todmorden
  • Network Rail, Derby
  • Loop technology, Dorchester
  • MTC, Coventry
  • Graham Engineering, Nelson
  • TWI, Cambridge