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Professor Homer Rahnejat BSc MSc PhD DIC CEng MIMechE FCybS

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Professor of Dynamics


  • BSc (1977) Aston University, UK
  • MSc (1979), PhD (1984), DIC (1979) Imperial College, UK
  • CEng, MIMechE (1987)
  • FCybS (1987)

Research Interests and Activities

1- Dynamics (Application areas: Engines, Transmissions, Powertrain systems, NVH, Vehicle Dynamics, assortment of Mechanisms)

2- Tribology/contact mechanics:
(i)- Fundamentals: Hydrodynamics/elastohydrodynamics, elastic and viscoelastic layered solids, adhesion, solvation/hydration, electrostatics/van der Waals, Meniscus action
(ii)- Vehicle Applications: Piston & ring-pack systems, valve train systems, transmissions, journal bearings, tyre
(ii)- Biological/pharmaceutical Applications: drug delivery devices, adhesion and peeling of insects and geckos
(iii)- Nano-conjunctions: micro-electromechanical systems, data storage devices

External Activities

Journal editorships

Editor: Proceedings of Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part K: Jornal of Multi-body Dynamics

Major conference activity

conference chair:
1- Chairman, 3rd Symposium on Multi-body Dynamics: Monitoring & Simulation Techniques, July 2004, Sponsored by Inst MC
2- Co-Chairman, SAE ATT Annual Congress, Symposium on Engine and Powertrain Technology, Barcelona (September 2001), Paris (July 2002).
3- Co-Chairman, ASME Congress, Symposium on Vibration and Control of Mechanical Systems, New York (November 2001), Washington DC (November 2003), Long Beach, CA (November 2005), Las Vegas (2007)

keynote papers

M. Teodorescu, S. Theodossiades, and H. Rahnejat,
''Multi-body Dynamics: An evolution from constrained inertial dynamics to a multi-physics interactive framework'', Proceedings of the ASI on Engineering-Design: Eco-design, Technologies and Green Energy, Brasov, 2004, pp 273-298.

Scientific Advisory committee of

EuroMech 476 On Multi-body Dynamics, Ferrol, Spain, 2006

Invited lectures

Future Trends in Tribology: Engine & Powertrain Tribology at Institute of Physics, London, 2005

Invited papers

1- H. Rahnejat, “Multi-body dynamics analysis: Linking the past to the future”, Proc. AVL List Conf. Advanced Simulation Technologies (AST), Graz, Austria, September 2001.
2- M. Teodorescu, S. Balakrishnan and H. Rahnejat, ''Tribological analysis within a multi-physics framework'', Proceedings of the 31st Leeds-Lyons Symposium, Leeds, UK, September 2004.

Advisory Roles

1- Member of EPSRC Review College
2- Reviewer for Enterprise Ireland (2006-2007)

Journal referee:

Reviewer for:
1- Proc Instn Mech Engrs, Part C: J. Mechanical Engineering Science
2- Proc Instn Mech Engrs, Part D: J. Automobile Engineering
3- Proc Instn Mech Engrs, Part J. Engineering Tribology
4- Trans ASME, J. Acoustics & Vibration
5- J. of Sound & Vibration
6- Mechanism & Machine Theory
7- Applied Mathematical Modelling
8- Int. J. Mech. Sci.
9- Wear

Companies contributing significant funding plus nature and timescale of relationship

Ford (since 1996), Jaguar (since 2003), 3M (since 2003), Astrazeneca (since 2007), Waukesha Bearing (2006-2007), SKF Bearing (2002-2005), JCB (since 2006), Performance MotorSport Inc (2002-2006), Capricorn (since 2006), Romax (since 2006)

EU collaborative research

Oporto Thematic Network (1999-2002)


Athena Swan Bronze award

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