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Dr Francois Nadal

Photo of Dr Francois Nadal

Senior Lecturer in Fluid Engineering

After a PhD in Electro-hydrodynamics at  the University of Bordeaux, Francois joined the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) to work on Fluid-Structure coupling problems.  Francois joined the Thermofluid group at Wolfson School in 2017. 


Advective – diffusive processes in porous media

Carbon dioxide Capture and storage in deep aquifers

Acoustic propulsion at low and moderate Reynolds numbers

Collective behaviour of self-propelled bodies (low and high Reynolds numbers)

Supercritical sprays and droplet evaporation processes

Natural Gas Fuelled Engines (Direct Injection in Spark Ignition Engines)

E. Lauga & F. Nadal, “Clustering Instability of focused swimmers”, Euro. Phys. Lett., 116, 64004, 2017

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Christophe Eloy (IRPHE, Marseille, France)

Jean-Pierre Lambelin (CEA, Bordeaux, France)

Eric Lauga (DAMTP, Cambridge, UK)

Samuel Marre (ICMCB, Bordeaux, France)

Patrice Meunier (IRPHE, Marseille, France)

On Shun Pak (Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, USA)

Bernard Pouligny (CRPP, Bordeaux, France)