School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering


Bob Wood

Photo of  Bob Wood


MSc Advanced Manufacturing Engineering and Management Programme Director


  • Born in Bradford. B.Tech awarded at the University of Bradford.
  • Joined Rolls Royce in 1980 as Programmer Mathematician.
  • Joined Loughborough University in 1989 as Lecturer in Manufacturing Engineering.

Research Interests and Activities

  • Practitioner/customer/user perceptions and behaviour relating to workplace, products and services, including
    • Measurement of physiological factors that indicate emotional, psychological and behavioural states and responses 
    • Computer assisted imagery for objective capture and comparison of subjective perceptions
    • Agent- and social psychology based modelling of emotion- and perception driven behaviour
    • Aesthetic reverse engineering
    • Augmented reality for human performance assessment and improvement
    • Design and prototype management systems for SMEs

External Activities

Contribution to the development of the Horse Industry Strategy for England and Wales, with particular emphases on its wider role in the development of healthcare-, materials- and sport coaching related technologies, along with its engagement with social welfare through its support of Government Public Service Agreements.