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Dr Andrew Williams MEng (Hons) DIS PhD

Photo of Dr Andrew Williams

Senior Lecturer in Energy Systems

Professional / academic background

  • Lecturer in Energy Systems
  • Mechanical Engineering Admissions Tutor
  • Reviewer for the IMechE, ASME and SAE Journals and Conferences

Synopsis of specialisms, research achievements, group membership, funding, research presentations, awards etc.  Paragraph of 150 – 200 words

Dr. Andy Williams' research focus is on IC engine fluid systems, particularly air systems (including particulate emission reduction), thermal management and cooling systems. He has multiple patents across this area of expertise. His particular expertise lies in energy system analysis covering thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer. His work includes a fundamentally new air system concept known as Turbo-Discharging which leads to up to 5% improvement in fuel efficiency of IC engines both in retrofit and new components. This technology has been licensed and is being further developed with AltEnergis and led to the Enterprise Award for Intellectual Property. Dr. Andy Williams is part of the SAE New Engines, Components, Actuators and Sensors Committee which includes session organising and chairing for the SAE International conferences. He has presented work internationally at notable ASME, SAE and IMechE conferences (with award for Excellence in Oral Presentation) and nationally with the Universities’ Internal Combustions Engines Group (UnICEG). He has multiple funded industrial based projects and is currently supervising 7 PhD students.

Broad interests and expertise

  • Internal Combustion Engine Performance and Emissions
  • Powertrain Efficiency
  • Advanced Thermal Management

External interests

Journal and Conference Paper Reviewer for the IMechE, SAE and ASME.

Member of the SAE New Engines, Components, Actuators and Sensors Committee

Current research activity

  • Turbo-Discharging – (EPSRC/TSB funding) – Research into the potential and challenges of a fundamentally new approach to IC engine efficiency improvement utilising new experimental and modelling tools. This research has continued for several years and is now working towards a demonstrator on a large scale stationary power generation IC engine.
  • Next Generation Turbocharger Mapping – Investigations have shown that conventional turbocharger compressor and turbine maps are invalid as inlet conditions are varied, even with steady flow and negligible heat transfer. This research is determining new approaches that will allow significantly improved modelling capability and understanding across the turbomachine industry.
  • Advanced Cooling Systems (Industrially Funded) – CONFIDENTIAL
  • Advanced Methods for Particulate Filter Testing and Evaluation (Industrially Funded) – CONFIDENTIAL