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Electronics Manufacturing Research Group

The Electronics Manufacturing Research Group addresses the challenges in the design, integration, materials and manufacture of electronics intensive products, applicable across multiple industrial sectors including telecom, transport, energy, healthcare/bio-medical, IoTs/wearable electronics and space/aerospace.

Our Aim

Aligned closely with potential industrial applications concerning the development of novel Advanced Interconnect Materials (AIMs) which are manufacturable, reliable and affordable, the research group conducts the underpinning research into advanced materials and manufacturing processes to enable 3D heterogeneous embodiment, integration and miniaturisation of future generation complex multifunctional devices. Our work has a primary emphasis on the research challenges commonly presented in terms of multi-material interfacial interactions/behaviour across meso- micro- to nano-scale and the evolutions under the harsh, severe and extreme environments. In order to fulfil the material microstructural stability and functional robustness, a wide range of manufacturing routes have been exploited to achieve the goal, for instance, through novel soldering, sintering or bonding with micro- and nano-particles, pastes and preformed thin films, electrochemical process, selective, additive and subtractive processes. Over several decades, the group participated and delivered numerous research projects through active engagement with the industrial consortia, national and international groups, in initiating, leading and participating in multi-institutional and multi-national research activities.

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Our PhD students play a central role in our wide-ranging research activities, making vital contributions to the success of the research itself. Find out more about our current research opportunities.

Our Research Opportunities

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