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Advanced VR Research Centre (AVRRC)

The Advanced VR Research Centre (AVRRC) is a world-leading centre for Virtual Engineering research.

The Centre conducts cutting-edge research into advanced modelling, simulation and visualisation techniques in order to:

  • Fully understand complex system behaviour to predict performance and emergent properties
  • Apply innovative systems thinking and human factor knowledge to solve complex system problems
  • Create highly reliable and verifiable models of systems and their sensors
  • Develop optimal solutions through advanced visual analytics
  • Transform the analysis of big data
  • Enhance the experience in distributed collaborative environments

The groups mission is to transform the development and application of advanced modelling, simulation and visualisation techniques. The AVRRC has built up an extensive engineering facility to support the development and use of virtual and immersive visual computing environments. This allows real-world problems to be modelled and simulated extremely accurately.

We have developed systems resulting from our research that have been deployed in various companies and organisation. These have involved wearable computers, handheld medical imaging systems, systems for use in aircraft cockpits, performance assessment tools for athletes and MBSE transformation tools for engineering.

Systems engineering approaches have played a huge part in formulating and framing our research activities. Our funding track record has impacted and benefitted the aerospace/defence, automotive, construction, energy, healthcare, medical technologies, sport, transport and the utility sectors.

Athena Swan Bronze award

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