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Energy & Power Research Theme

Net Zero energy solutions are needed to ensure global heating does not exceed tipping points that will push the Earth’s climate to levels not seen for millions of years. The Energy and Power Engineering Research Unit is focused on developing practical renewable energy and low-carbon solutions to end our reliance on fossil fuels and mitigate the effects of global heating.

Our Aim

The aim of the Energy and Power Engineering Research Unit is to undertake research into the development, and ultimate deployment, of net zero technical solutions based on renewable energy and other low-carbon systems. 

These include:

Solar photovoltaic (PV) materials and devices such as novel materials and anti-fouling coatings, are important to reducing costs and improving performance. The characterisation of PV system components and their performance monitoring over time are important to the long term success of the technology. This can give confidence to developers to predict energy yields and costs.

Energy storage is a helpful way to balance variability in renewable energy generation. Research includes phase change materials for thermal energy storage, compressed air energy storage, stationary batteries and green hydrogen.

Integration of renewable energy and low-carbon technologies into energy networks requires managing future supply-side scenarios and demand for maintaining the economy and social well-being. This research considers the role of energy storage in wider energy systems.

Energy access is still a problem in developing nations. The renewable energy for development activity is contributing towards UN Sustainable Development Goal 7 for universal energy access, such as off-grid productive power, energy system resilience, battery performance and clean cooking.

Our research also utilises power electronics to enable the challenges for electric grids to cope with intermittent renewable energy resources, energy storage and demand from technologies such as electric vehicles, to be managed effectively.

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Our PhD students play a central role in our wide-ranging research activities, making vital contributions to the success of the research itself. Find out more about our current research opportunities.

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