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Control & Automation Research Theme

The Control and Automation research theme brings together multi-disciplinary research groups and centres whose research seeks to solve complex and seemingly intractable challenges across the domains of automotive, aerospace, healthcare, manufacturing, robotics and transport.

Our Aim

At the heart of its endeavours is the broad remit of working across the full lifecycle of products, processes and services – spanning design, manufacture and in-service operations. Motivation is taken from the fact that our world relies increasingly on complex and interconnected systems. Research is also concerned with developing the underpinning engineering science that facilitates designing, managing, and optimising products and processes in what is becoming a rapidly evolving technological environment. This involves developing next generation modelling and simulation along with associated analytical techniques to control, predict and validate complex systems. Specific fields include control, digitalisation, human factors, intelligent automation, robotics, augmented and virtual reality.

The research is set to challenge the way we think about, and perform engineering and manufacturing processes in the future. Working collaboratively with industry ensures the research is relevant and timely by delivering impact of real value. A key part of our strategy is to seek opportunities wherever possible through technology transfer into our collaborating industry partners. 

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Our Research Opportunities

Our PhD students play a central role in our wide-ranging research activities, making vital contributions to the success of the research itself. Find out more about our current research opportunities.

Our Research Opportunities

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