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8 Jan 2021

FEATURE: Corals, wound infection detection, and theoretical physics...exploring how Loughborough academics are tackling major issues related to biofilms


Biofilms are central to our most important global challenges – from antimicrobial resistance and food safety, to water security – and they have a significant economic, social and environmental impact.

But ask a person on the street to explain what they are, and you’ll likely get shrugged shoulders.

To help the general public understand what biofilms are and why they are so important, the National Biofilms Innovation Centre (NBIC) – which Loughborough University is a research partner of – has launched the #BiofilmAware campaign.

To coincide with the initiative, VOLUME has taken a closer look at three of Loughborough biofilm projects that aim to advance this important field of work.

One of those projects is looking at how we can develop a rapid, easy and affordable point-of-care test to detect wound infection. This research is being undertaken within the Wolfson School of Mechaincal, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering's Centre for Biological Engineering by Dr Sourav Ghosh and PhD student Praveen Kumar Kaveri. 

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