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30 Jun 2017

Placement students create exciting new technologies

Students from the Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering - Sarah Corsham and Leo Goldschmidt - have created two fantastic new technologies while on placement.

The pair have been working at National Instruments UK (NI), who provide sales, marketing and technical support, for the development of new technologies.

Sarah and Leo were set a one-week creative project. Students are able to get help from different people throughout NI, as well as receiving marketing training.

Sarah, who is a Systems Engineering student, created a drone that is directed merely by the gestures of the hands. The entire system was built with low-cost, commercially available tech.

Sarah’s drone has been widely received by everyone at National Instruments. Videos of the drone have been shared over 5000 times and received 2000 likes across different social media platforms, while being featured on various maker sites, such as Hackaday and Hackster.

Information to replicate the drone is available online here.

Leo, a Mechanical Engineering student, reinvented the classic Foosball table with exciting new features and technology.

His intriguing new gaming table gives live match statistics, including goals scored, ball possession and match announcements! The new technology creates an engaging interface for a more competitive and compelling game.

The clever system was created using NI’s software, an iPad, some wiring and a tin of conductive paint. Information on Leo’s product is available online.

Leo’s work also impressed NI. It has also been shared amply online, including on sites Youtube, Hackster and Instructables.

Sarah’s and Leo have both credited their tutors at Loughborough for their successful projects. Sarah said: “I was only able to achieve this project with thanks to the excellent engineering foundation I received at Loughborough”.

Athena Swan Bronze award

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