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The Teaching Contract Scheme

Each year a consortium of companies agree to provide projects for a number of students within the academic curriculum at the Wolfson School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering.   Small teams of students are challenged by real problems set by the companies and engage with company staff via factory visits and progress meetings.

There is a choice of either second year students or final year students. Some companies prefer second year students because of the smaller time commitment and the possibility of recruiting candidates for their industrial placement year. Other companies prefer the more advanced level of the final year project work.

Companies involved

We work with a range of companies from global brands to SME’s.  This range of companies benefits our students as they help to provide a diverse range of projects and opportunities. 

Supporting Companies 2015-2016

Year 2 ProjectsFinal Year Projects

GE Sensing

Rolls Royce

Renishaw plc

J. C. Bamford Excavators Ltd

Bosch Lawn and Garden Ltd

Perkins Engines


Smartweights Ltd

J.C. Bamford Excavators Ltd (JCB)

Kohler Mira Ltd

Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover

Kohler Mira Ltd

Red Arch Engineering

Bentley Motors



Leicestershire Hospital Trust


Intelligent Automation



Company projects

Companies prepare a simple initial statement of their project ideas.  A University tutor will then visit the company to discuss the suitability of the ideas and offer advice on how the task should be presented.  An arrangement is made at this time for an initial factory visit by students in the early weeks of October.

The primary educational objective of the scheme is to develop; team working, creativity, commercial awareness, project planning and associated transferable skills.

Students prepare a formal written report and deliver an oral presentation to the company and peer group. Copies of all reports and drawings are made available for the company to keep. Academic supervisors are responsible for all aspects of assessment but will normally seek advice from the industrialists.

Industry projects provide an excellent vehicle to apply engineering science in context and practice key transferable skills that are so valuable to employers.

Benefits for Companies

  • Many of the ideas put forward by the students have been adopted and developed by the participating companies.
  • Many companies have told us how they benefit from the unrestrained pure research done with fresh and open minds. This often leads to novel and otherwise ignored conceptual solutions to longstanding problems.
  • Allows companies to tackle problems which they would like to solve but which are perhaps not critical to daily production and which they would not otherwise resource.
  • Access to University research using tools not available in the company.
  • Excellent publicity for the company, raising its profile amongst a large body of young articulate students and seasoned professionals.
  • Fast track access to placement students and potential employees.
  • Potential access to more extensive research projects.
  • An excellent staff development opportunity for new graduate employees who act as company tutors.

Typical Timeline for 2nd Year Programme

  • Mid-September - Companies commit to projects
  • Mid-October - Students visit the company
  • Late November - Company representatives visit University.
  • Early February - Company representatives visit University.
  • Late March - Students make final presentations to Companies and academic tutors.

If your company would like to be involved please contact

Robb Doyle


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