Date of start of studies: 1 October 2016
Supervisors: Dr Camilla Gilmore and Dr Nina Attridge

Research areas

My research is investigating the domain-specific and domain-general predictors of maths achievement using experimental techniques.

Previous literature has found that individuals with similar levels of maths achievement can have different underlying profiles of skill in arithmetic, for example, a good understanding of maths procedures (counting, decomposition) but poor conceptual knowledge (e.g. understanding that addition and subtraction are the 'opposite'). These different skill profiles may recruit different domain-general processes (inhibtiion, working memory, shifting abilities), and it may be that individuals can use domain-general skills to compensate for their conceptual or procedural knowledge weaknesses. My research aims to run experiments whereby the level of domain-general involvement is manipulated in conceptual and procedural tasks, and to see how this correlates with maths achievement.