Date of start of studies: 1 January 2019
Supervisors: Dr Colin Foster & Dr Nina Attridge

I completed my BEd in mathematics education at Universitas Negeri Makassar and MSc in mathematics education at Universitas Sriwijaya in collaboration with Utrecht University. During my master’s degree studies, I spent one year studying at the Freudenthal Institute for Science and Mathematics Education, Utrecht University. I started my PhD studies at the Centre for Research in Mathematics Education, University of Nottingham, moved to School of Education, University of Leicester for one year, and then transferred to Mathematics Education Centre, Loughborough University in January 2019.

In My PhD studies, I am investigating how lower secondary school students in Indonesia solve probability comparison tasks, and how can we support them to improve their understanding and their probabilistic reasoning.

My PhD research will employ a design-based research approach to develop an instructional theory for teaching and learning probability comparisons, focused on connections between proportional reasoning and randomness. Bakker (2004) defined instructional theory for a specific domain such as probability as “a theory of how students can be supported in learning that domain” (p. 2). This instructional theory will consist of knowledge about students’ typical reasoning when learning about probability comparisons, their difficulties in making probability comparisons, and supportive instructional activities, resulted from series of iteration of learning trajectories. Classrooms and students (aged 14-15), in Indonesia will be studied and it will contribute to research exploring links between students’ understanding of proportionality and probability.