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Externally Funded Research Projects

2019-23: Optimising learning of multiplication and division facts in schoolchildren

MEC staff: Camilla Gilmore

Collaborators: Lucy Cragg, Times Tables Rock Stars

Funder: ESRC collaborative studentship via Midlands Graduate School

2019-23: Reasoning skills in post-16 mathematics students

MEC staff: Lara Alcock, Nina Attridge

Collaborator: Mathematics in Education and Industry

Funder: ESRC collaborative studentship via Midlands Graduate School

2018-22: ‘1’ to ‘one’ and back again: A longitudinal investigation of the foundations of efficient number transcoding in early primary school

MEC staff: Chrissy RobertsCamilla GilmoreMatthew Inglis

Funder: ESRC collaborative studentship via Midlands Graduate School

2018-22: Why do some children make more educational progress than others?

MEC staff: Matthew InglisCamilla Gilmore

Collaborator: No More Marking

Funder: ESRC collaborative studentship via Midlands Graduate School

2014-22: Foundations of Mathematics: Understanding and Improving Early Numerical Skills

MEC Staff: Camilla Gilmore

Funder: Royal Society (Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellowship)

2017-21: Investigating and improving post-16 mathematics learning

MEC staff: Matthew InglisLara Alcock

Collaborator: Oxford University Press

Funder: ESRC collaborative studentship via Midlands Graduate School

2017-21: How do numerical symbols gain meaning?

MEC Staff: Camilla Gilmore

Funder: Royal Society

2018-21: Platinum Project

MEC Staff: Barbara Jaworski, Stephanie Thomas, Paola Iannone

Funder: Erasmus Plus

2019-20: Exploring socially-distributed professional knowledge for coherent curriculum design

MEC Staff: Colin Foster

Collaborators: Geoff WakeFay BaldryKeiichi Nishimura

Funder: ESRC

2017-20: Enabling Better Online Assessment in Mathematics

MEC Staff: Ian Jones

Collaborators: Chris Sangwin, Tim Hunt, Tim Lowe

Funder: Higher Education Academy

2017-20: Individual Differences in Attention in the Mathematics Classroom

MEC Staff: Matthew Inglis

Collaborators: Ulises Xolocotzin Eligio

Funder: British Academy

2017-19: Transforming Transitions

MEC Staff: Carol Robinson, Helen MacKenzie

Collaborators: Professor Deborah Myhill

Funder: HEFCE

2016-18: The Catalyst Project

MEC Staff: Barbara JaworskiDave HewittStephanie Thomas

Funder: HEFCE

2017-18: Cross-linguistic Effects on Adults’ Numeracy: A Novel Eye-tracking Approach

MEC Staff: Iro Xenidou-DervouCamilla Gilmore

Funder: British Academy

2017-18: The Role of Teacher Knowledge and Classroom Resources in Understanding Equivalence Relations in Mathematics

MEC Staff: Ian Jones

Collaborators: Jodie Hunter

Funder: British Academy

2015-18: Mathematics Learning Disabilities from Childhood to Adolescence: New Evidence and Intervention for Very Preterm Children

MEC Staff: Camilla Gilmore

Collaborators: Samantha Johnson, Lucy Cragg,  Victoria Simms, Neil Marlow, Rose Griffiths andHeather Wharrad

Funder: Action Medical Research

2016-17: A review of interventions to improve primary school mathematics achievement

MEC Staff: Camilla Gilmore

Collaborators: Victoria Simms & Seaneen Sloan

Funder: Nuffield Foundation 

2017: Gender issues in STEM education

MEC Staff: Paul Hernandez-Martinez

Funder: British Council/CONACyT

2014-17: Spontaneous Focusing on Numerosity and the Development of Early Numerical Skills

MEC Staff: Sophie Batchelor

Funder: ESRC

2015-16: Discourses of Mathematical Modelling in Higher Education in Norway and England

MEC Staff: Paul Hernandez-Martinez & Stephanie Thomas

Collaborators: Yuriy Rogovchenko & Olov Viirman

Funder: MatRIC

2014-16: Understanding Mathematical Language: Construction and Analysis of Expert and Learner Corpora

MEC Staff: Lara Alcock & Matthew Inglis

Funder: British Academy

2013-16: SIGMA: National Mathematics and Statistics Support Activities

MEC Staff: Tony Croft, Janette Matthews & Moira Petrie

Funder: HEFCE

2014-15: Developing Secondary Education Progress Measures in Mathematics and English

MEC Staff: Ian Jones

Funder: No More Marking Ltd.

2013-15: Measuring Conceptual Understanding: The Case of Teaching with Abstract and Concrete Representations

MEC Staff: Camilla GilmoreMatthew Inglis & Ian Jones

Funder: Nuffield Foundation

2012-15: Skills Underlying Maths: Understanding the role of executive functions in the development of mathematics proficiency

MEC Staff: Camilla Gilmore

Collaborators: Cragg

Funder: ESRC

2010-15: The relationship between advanced mathematical study and general thinking skills

MEC Staff: Matthew Inglis

Funders: Royal SocietyWorshipful Company of Actuaries

2013-14: Are A level mathematics standards the same across curricula?

MEC Staff: Matthew Inglis, Ian Jones

Funder: AQA

2012-14: The Impact of Premature Birth on Maths Achievement and Schooling

MEC Staff: Camilla Gilmore

Collaborators: Wolke, Johnson & Jaekel

Funder: Nuffield Foundation

2009-14: Removing the mismatch between intentions and outcomes in GCSE mathematics

MEC Staff: Ian Jones

Funders: Royal SocietyShuttleworth Foundation

2008-14: The roots of arithmetic: Linking numerical cognition with mathematics education

MEC Staff: Camilla Gilmore

Funder: British Academy

2011-13: Premature infants' skills in mathematics

MEC Staff: Camilla Gilmore

Collaborators: Cragg, Johnson & Marlow

Funder: Action Medical Research

2012: Assessment in first year calculus

MEC Staff: Lara Alcock & Ian Jones

Funder: HE STEM MU-MAP Project

2012: Lecturers' perceptions of CAA

MEC Staff: Paul Hernandez-Martinez, Carol Robinson & Stephen Broughton

Funder: HE STEM MU-MAP Project

2011-12: Improving the quality of GSCE Mathematics examinations

MEC Staff: Matthew Inglis & Ian Jones

Funder: Nuffield Foundation

2011-12: Views of graduates on the higher education curriculum

MEC Staff: Tony Croft & Matthew Inglis

Funder: National HE STEM Programme

2011-12: Second year mathematics beyond lectures

MEC Staff: Lara Alcock, Tony Croft, Matthew Inglis, Barbara Jaworski & Aruna Palipana

Collaborators: Brown, Kay, Kenny, McIver, Strohmaier, Fitzgerald, Hallnas, Hawkes, Hunsicker, Newbold

Funder: National HE STEM Programme

2011: Promoting participation and engagement in post-compulsory mathematics education for STEM

MEC Staff: Paul Hernandez-Martinez

Collaborators: Wake & Williams

Funder: ESRC

2010-11: Engineering students understanding mathematics (ESUM): An innovative teaching approach with integrated research

MEC Staff: Barbara Jaworski

Funder: Royal Academy of Engineering

2010-11: A pilot for a shared online statistics advisory service

MEC Staff: Alun Owen

Collaborators: Leckenby, SamuelsWrightham

Funder: National HE STEM Programme

2009-10: Evaluating a computer-based approach for improving proof comprehension

MEC Staff: Lara Alcock & Matthew Inglis

Funder: MSOR Network

2009-10: ExPOUND: Explaining proofs: Offering understanding through notated demonstrations

MEC Staff: Lara Alcock & Aruna Palipana

Collaborators: BarnettShieldsWilkinson

Funder: JISC

2009-10: FETLAR: Finding electronic teaching learning and assessment resources

MEC Staff: Tony Croft

Collaborators: Fletcher & MSOR Network

Funder: JISC

2009-10: RELEASE: Upgrade of mathcentre and mathtutor 

MEC Staff: Tony Croft

Collaborators: Skillbank UK

Funder: JISC

2009-10: Uncovering the sources of arithmetic

MEC Staff: Camilla Gilmore & Matthew Inglis

Funder: ESRC

2009-10: How should the equals sign be taught?

MEC Staff: Camilla Gilmore, Matthew Inglis & Ian Jones

Funder: Esmee Fairbairn Foundation

2009-10: Resources in mathematics for use with Electronic Voting Systems

MEC Staff: Carol Robinson

Funder: Sigma

2009-10: Technology for teaching

MEC Staff: Carol Robinson & Joe Ward

Collaborators: Campbell, Crawford, Evans & Hodgson

Funder: Hewlett-Packard

2008-10: Establishing the effectiveness of LGEs as a teaching strategy

MEC Staff: Matthew Inglis

Collaborators: Iannone & Siemons

Funder: MSOR Network

2005-10: HEFCE CETL Award

MEC Staff: Tony Croft

Collaborators: Lawson

Funder: HEFCE

2008-09: An investigation into how teachers can motivate and enthuse able mathematicians by developing pedagogy through different approaches to working with AGT students at KS4 in Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire

MEC Staff: Rod Bond, David Green & Barbara Jaworski

Funder: NCETM