Presented by Barbara Jaworski (Loughborough) & Anne Fyhn (UiT The Arctic University of Norway)


2.00pm: "Dilemmas in Research" game

Hanna Weiers


3.00pm-5.00pm: “Sámi culture and the learning of Mathematics.” 

Anne Fyhn and Barbara Jaworski

Broadly, I (Barbara) will talk about my introduction to Sámi Culture in the very north of Norway.  This includes my visit to Nesseby School in Kirkenes with Anne and another colleague, and the teachers’ work with children in a range of languages: Norwegian, Sámi, and those of immigrant children including Thai, Russian and Arabic. Relationships between mathematics and this multiplicity of languages were clearly of interest to me as well as a focus on braiding which is central to Sámi culture.

Anne writes:

The Sámi are an Indigenous people of the Arctic who live in the northern part of Scandinavia and on the Kola Peninsula of Russia. The traditional Sámi livelihoods are reindeer herding and combinations of smallholdings and fishery. However, during the last 50 years, approximately one third of the rural Sámi population moved to more urban areas. The Sámi use a variety of braidings in different colors and the different braiding techniques are named after the cords. The numerous Sámi braided cords are used for different purposes and in addition, each cord communicates a message about the wearer’s gender, family relations and regional belonging. To braid means to make a cord or a band by intertwining some threads. We will share a video where two young girls present one particular Sámi braiding together with how to perform the braiding technique. Seminar participants are expected to try out how to perform this braiding. This practical task will be followed by discussions about mathematical relationships that were discussed by the teachers and students who took part in making this video and other mathematical relationships that are possible.

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