Priscila Leal da Silva is a Newton International Fellow at Loughborough University and Lecturer in Mathematics at Universidade Federal do ABC, Brazil. Priscila joined the School of Science, Mathematical Sciences, in September 2021 to work with Professor Sara Lombardo.

Born and raised in the metropolitan area of São Paulo, Brazil, Priscila is a two-time national champion of checkers, having represented her country twice in World Championships. She holds two BS degrees from Universidade Federal do ABC, Brazil, one in Science and Technology (2011) and one in Mathematics (2013). She received her PhD in Mathematics from Universidade Federal do ABC (2016), being the first thesis in Mathematics to be ever defended in the University. Her research dealt with the investigation of explicit solutions for integrable systems. Prior to coming to Loughborough University, Priscila was a research associate at Universidade Federal de São Carlos, Brazil, where her interest migrated to study existence and uniqueness of solutions in several spaces.

My research focuses on the study of nonlinear evolutive equations and qualitative properties of their solutions. 

1. Determination of explicit strong and weak solutions. 

2. Study of integrable systems in a broad sense: classical and generalized symmetries, bi-Hamiltonian formulation, instabilities, Lax pairs and zero-curvature representation. 

3. Well-posedness of partial differential equations in Sobolev, Besov and Gevrey spaces, with a special focus of how integrability affects the existence of local solutions and their continuation to global. 

The research has been funded by FAPESP (in Brazil) and my current project ('The onset of instabilities in PDEs: from analysis to algebraic geometry') is supported by the Royal Society through a Newton International Fellowship.