• 2022-present: Research Fellow, Loughborough University, UK.
  • 2019-2022: Research Fellow, University of Glasgow, UK.
  • 2015-2019: PhD Mathematics, University of Leeds, UK. Supervisor: Oleg Chalykh.
  • 2013-2015: MSc Mathematics, UCLouvain, Belgium.
  • 2012-2013: BSc Mathematics, UCLouvain, Belgium.
  • 2009-2012: BSc Physics, UCLouvain, Belgium.

I am interested in the relations that exist between algebraic and geometric structures in the context of integrable systems. In particular, I have been studying non-commutative Poisson geometry on associative algebras, reduction techniques in differential and complex-analytic Poisson geometry, as well as the celebrated Calogero-Moser and Ruijsenaars-Schneider systems.