I attained a PhD in Environmental Engineering Fluid Dynamics at the University of Rome Tor Vergata (Italy). I was an ENI-MITEI Energy Fellow at MIT and a Principal Investigator on an AXA Research Fellowship at University College Dublin (Ireland). I have been working in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Loughborough University since 2015.

  • 2019 – to date: Senior Lecturer in Applied Mathematics, Loughborough University (UK)
  • 2015 – 2019: Lecturer in Applied Mathematics, Loughborough University (UK)
  • 2013 – 2015: Principal Investigator on an AXA Research Fellowship, School of Mathematical Sciences, University College Dublin (Ireland)
  • 2011 – 2013: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, School of Mathematical Sciences, University College Dublin (Ireland)
  • 2008 – 2009: ENI-MITEI Energy Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)
  • 2006 – 2009: Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering with Fluid Mechanics, University of Rome Tor Vergata (Italy)

My expertise is in computational and analytical modelling, with a particular interest in the design and implementation of mathematical modelling tools for applications in renewable energy and geosciences. Recently, I have been expanding my research interests to computational models of respiratory disease transmission.

I have been developing collocation-based computational models in fluid-structure interaction for the design and optimisation of offshore renewable energy systems, as well as depth-integrated spectral methods to model coastal flooding.

My current research is focusing on developing improved multi-particle semi-implicit methods for applications in computational fluid dynamics.

I am a member of the Society of Energy Fellows at MIT, "the next generation of energy innovators, scientists, engineers, policy leaders, and entrepreneurs who will help transform our global energy systems” (E. Moniz, US Secretary of Energy and former MITEI director).

Research Funding

2021 2023 EPSRC Engineering Engagement Champions (£187k, PI). Project: “PLACINGS: Partnership for Launching Careers in engineerING and Sciences”.

2020 2024 EPSRC Doctoral Training Programme (£80k, PI). Project: “Platform hydrodynamics of integrated wind and wave energy converters”.

2019 London Mathematical Society (£400, PI). Research in Pairs (Scheme 4) to collaborate with Prof. Michael Ruzhansky (Queen Mary London).

2018 2020 Royal Society International Fellowship (£56k, Co-I). Project: “Nonlinear Multi-Parameter Shape Optimisation of Wave Energy Converters”.

2018 2019 EPSRC First Grant (£100k, PI). Project: “Development of a high-end computational technology to predict meteotsunami impact”.Partners: British Geological Survey and Met Office

2017 2020 UK Fluids Network SIG Grant (£12k, Co-I). Project: “Mathematical challenges of nonlinear waves and surface dynamics”.Partners: Prof. P. Milewski (Bath) and Prof. D. Papageorgiou (Imperial).

2017 2018 AXA Outreach Grant (€40k, PI). Project: “Increasing public awareness of inundation risks in European coastal areas”.

2013 2015 AXA Research Fund Fellowship (€120k, PI). Project: “Underwater acoustic sensing for detection, early warning and increased risk awareness of storm surges”

I am Programme Leader for MSc Industrial Mathematical Modelling.

I am teaching the following modules:

  • CVA104: Mathematical Modelling of Structures
  • MAA307: Engineering Mathematics
  • MAP111: Mathematical Modelling
  • MAC300 and MAD300: Final Year Projects
  • Small Group Tutorial in Mathematics
  • I have worked as an Expert Evaluator and Panellist on Horizon 2020 projects for the European Commission.
  • I have been nominated Engineering Engagement Champion by EPSRC
  • Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA)
  • Member of the Society of Energy Fellows at MIT
  • Regular Referee for: Journal of Fluid Mechanics, European Journal of Mechanics B/Fluids, Applied Ocean Research, Coastal Engineering, Wave Motion, Ocean Engineering, Renewable Energy, Journal of Engineering Mathematics.