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Dr Hideyasu Shimadzu

Photo of Dr Hideyasu Shimadzu

Lecturer in Statistics

Professional appointments:

2016 - Lecturer in Statistics, Loughborough University
2012 - 2016 Research Fellow, University of St Andrews
2008 - 2011 Statistician/Mathematical modeller, Australian Government Geoscience Australia


  • PhD, Keio University, Japan
  • MSc, Keio University, Japan

My general research interest is in the science of data, Data Science. Data and models - measurement and description of phenomena - they have been the foundation of modern sciences. For the several years my research activities lie on the intersection of statistics and subject matter sciences, with a particular focus on environmental/ecological sciences. My research concerns how statistical consideration contributes to advancing our knowledge and understanding of phenomena of interest.

  • Statistics Seminer Organiser
  • MAB171: Applied Statistics
  • MAB206: Statistics