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Dr Enrico Fatighenti

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EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellow

I am a postdoc at Loughborough University. I am sponsored by the EPSRC via this scheme.

Previously I was a postdoc for one year at Università Roma 3, sponsored by MIUR-project FIRB 2012 "Moduli spaces and their applications" . Even before, I got my PhD in 2017 at the University of Warwick, with Miles Reid as advisor.

  • Fano manifolds of K3 and Calabi-Yau type and link with hyperkähler geometry. Explicit construction of surfaces of general type with small pg,K2 and Calabi-Yau quotients in low dimension. Explicit constructions of varieties in Grassmannians, mainly as zero set of section of homogeneous vector bundles and their Hodge theory.
  • Fano and Calabi-Yau varieties in Weighted Projective Spaces. Explicit birational classification, especially of Q -Fano threefolds.
  • Problems in Hodge Theory: Torelli-type.