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Dr Brian Winn

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Senior Lecturer

Deputy Head of Department of Mathematical Sciences

  • M.Math (Exon) 2000
  • Ph.D. (Bristol) 2004

My research interests lie in the area of nonlinear dynamical systems, in particular, quantum chaology.

Selected publications:

  • M. Ingremeau, M. Sabri and B. Winn (2020) `Quantum ergodicity for large equillateral quantum graphs', J. London Math. Soc. 101 82-109. 
  • G. Berkolaiko and B. Winn (2018) `Maximal scarring for eigenfunctions of quantum graphs', Nonlinearity 31 4812--4850. 
  • F. Mezzadri, A. Reynolds and B. Winn (2017) `Moments of the eigenvalue densities and of the secular coefficients of β-ensembles', Nonlinearity 30 1034-1057.
  • M. Brammall and B. Winn (2016) `Quantum ergodicity for quantum graphs without back-scattering', Ann. Henri Poincaré 17 1353-1382.
  • B. Winn (2012) 'Derivative moments for characteristic polynomials from the CUE', Commun. Math. Phys 315 531-563
  • G. Berkolaiko and B. Winn (2010) 'Relationship between scattering matrices and spectrum of quantum graphs'. Trans. Amer. Math. Soc 362 6261-6277.
  • J.M. Harrison, U. Smilansky and B. Winn (2007): 'Quantum graphs where back-scattering is prohibited' J. Phys. A 40 14181-14193.
  • M. Degli Esposti, S. Nonnenmacher and B. Winn (2006): 'Quantum variance and ergodicity for the baker's map'. Commun. Math. Phys. 263 325-352.
  • G. Berkolaiko, J. P. Keating and B. Winn (2004): 'No quantum ergodicity for star graphs'. Commun. Math. Phys. 250 259-285
  • Director of Studies (2013--2017)
  • Deputy Head of Mathematics (2018--present)
  • Member of Loughborough University Senate (2018--2021)