Storm Force

Dr Emiliano Renzi and his research team at Loughborough University are working on a storm surge early warning system.

Violent storms out at sea make large waves – called storm surges – which strong winds blow towards the shore. All of this activity makes a noise in the water that we can hear and record as sound waves called “acoustic signals”. By studying these signals, Dr. Emiliano Renzi and his team are learning more about storm surges.

Research at Loughborough has developed novel models of hydroacoustic wave propagation to increase the precision of early warning systems for coastal flooding. This research has underpinned outreach and educational activities to increase public awareness of inundation risks in coastal areas. The educational outputs of this project are endorsed by the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction and have influenced the design and delivery of school curricula. The resources include a free online educational video game, Storm Force, developed in partnership with Peek & Poke, online game developers.

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