Mathematical Sciences


Dynamical systems

The  group studies a wide range of aspects of dynamical systems theory, such as Hamiltonian and dissipative dynamics, dynamical chaos in classical and quantum systems,  dynamics of multi-scale systems, ergodic theory, random matrix theory, and bifurcation theory.

Applications include problems of celestial mechanics,  plasma physics, semi-classical methods, atomic physics, and the dynamics of chemical reactions.

Academic Staff within this research group are:

  • Dr Wael Bahsoun: Ergodic Theory, Dynamical Systems, Random Dynamical Systems.
  • Dr Thomas Bartsch: Dynamical foundations of Transition State Theory: description of chemical reactions. Semiclassical quantization of multidimensional chaotic systems. Theory of atomic spectra in external fields.
  • Professor Anatoly Neishtadt: Applied dynamical systems, perturbation theory, averaging method, adiabatic invariants, bifurcation theory, problems with slow and fast motions in celestial mechanics, dynamics of charged particles and hydrodynamics.
  • Dr Brian Winn: Quantum chaos; Semi-classical structures in wave-functions, spectral statistics; Quantum graphs; Random Matrix Theory.

Research students:

  • Mohammed Alharthi -
  • Jinrong Bao - 
  • Kaicheng Sheng -