Storm Force on the road!

The Storm Force team will be showcasing their online game at the Nottingham Festival of Science and Curiosity later this month.

cartoon figure with the text: Cadet - Storm Force needs you!

The annual Festival - which takes place 13-20 February - brings science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) out of the lab and classroom and into everyday life. A range of activities will be running throughout the week, suitable for visitors young and old.

The Storm Force team, who will be based in Nottingham’s Urban Room on Saturday 16 February and Strelley Library on Wednesday 20 February, will invite visitors to test their mettle and play the game.

Developed in partnership with games studio Peek & Poke and funded by an AXA Outreach Grant, Storm Force draws on more than five years’ research into the deadly storm surges that cause coastal flooding, and explains how to spot an approaching surge and avert disaster.

Players take the role of a new cadet with the fictional emergency service Storm Force – dedicated to saving lives and property whilst researching storm surges to better prepare at-risk locations.

‌‌At each game level, players battle the clock to evacuate citizens from the waterfront whilst collecting supplies and valuable data.

Dr Emiliano Renzi, Lecturer in Applied Mathematics at the University, was inspired to translate his research into an educational game to increase public awareness of the risks posed by storm surges and meteorological tsunamis in coastal areas.

He said: “The Festival is a great way to encourage young people to get into STEM subjects, and gives us a perfect opportunity to showcase Storm Force. We’re really looking forward to introducing Festival goers to the game.

“It’s a fun way to learn important lessons about storm surges, and provides a useful way to talk about the many ways scientific research impacts our lives.

“We’re developing a range of free teaching resources to accompany the game. I’m hoping that Storm Force can support the work of STEM teachers in schools, helping them to share the excitement and relevance of STEM subjects.”

For further information about Storm Force, and to access the game, visit the dedicated website.