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Stochastic Dynamical Systems and Ergodicity: School and Workshops

Loughborough University and Shandong University 2016-2018


  • School, Loughborough University: 5-9 December 2016
  • Workshop 1, Shandong University (Weihai): 7-11 August 2017
  • Workshop 2, Loughborough University: 23-27 July 2018

These events are supported by the Royal Society, the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the London Mathematical Society.

Event Organisers: Chunrong Feng (Loughborough), Juan Li (Shandong) and Huaizhong Zhao (Loughborough)

Scientific CommitteeDavid Elworthy (Warwick), Martin Hairer (Warwick), Terry Lyons (Oxford), Zhiming Ma (CAS, Beijing), Shige Peng (Shandong) and Michael Rockner (Bielefeld)

About these events

Ergodic theory, stochastic analysis and probability theory are intimately related research areas. In particular, ergodic theory can give information about many aspects of the long term behaviour of random dynamical systems both in the sense of laws and pathwise. The aim of this series of school/workshops is to discuss modern developments concerning the appearance and application of ergodicity in stochastic analysis and in general random dynamical systems, and to analyse the interactions between these topics and with real world applications.

The topics covered may include:- stochastic flows; stationary processes; random periodic processes; invariant measures; periodic measures; spectral analysis and inequalities; law of large numbers and ergodicity; invariant manifolds and MET; stochastic PDEs; infinite dimensional random dynamical systems; infinite dimensional PDEs; non-Markovian random dynamical systems; rough path and signature; analysis under nonlinear expectations; regularity structure; numerical analysis; applications including in environmental sciences, biology, finance, fluids, control systems, data analysis etc.