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16 Feb 2018

Faces of Women in Mathematics: how to get involved with a short film for International Women's Day

Loughborough University mathematician Dr Eugénie Hunsicker and her filmmaker sister Irina are creating a film for International Women's Day 2018 and are looking for people to get involved.

"Faces of Women in Mathematics" will be a short film featuring women mathematicians from around the world and will be released for International Women's Day in order to promote mathematics as a career and interest for women and girls everywhere.

Eugénie and Irina are hoping to feature women from as many countries as possible, speaking in as many languages as possible.

The film will consist of an edited sequence of film clips of women and girls saying "I am (name) from (country), and I am a mathematician!" in whichever language they choose. It could also include clips of groups of women or girls.

So...consider this a casting call!

Eugénie is looking for fellow mathematicians to send her their own clips and has shared her own as an example. Watch on Vimeo:

How to film and submit your own clip

A film clip can be made on any smart phone. In order to ensure the best quality in the clips and coherency of the compilation, we are sending some suggestions:

  • If you are able to adjust the camera settings on your phone, the best setting is 1080p, though lower quality settings will also do
  • Please hold the camera horizontally and at eye level. Make sure that the subject is well lit.
  • Stand up and look directly into the camera. The approximate composition should be like this (photo of Irina):


  • You may either film yourself or have someone else take the clip. Having someone film you allows you to use the camera on the front of your phone rather than the rear “selfie” camera. The front camera is of better quality in general.
  • For editing purposes, wait a few seconds before you stop filming after having said your sentence
  • Please check the clip for clarity of the sound, and try to avoid filming in a noisy or windy environment.

 Finished film clips should be transferred to us by February 20 at

We need the clips in their original file size to create a good quality film. This is why we recomme the app (for help see below).

(Email attachments sent from a mobile phone as well as WhatsApp Videos undergo massive compression in size and are therefore low quality.)

Please send it together with a message stating:

"I give my consent to have this film clip edited and used in the short film, 'Faces of Women in Mathematics' to be released on social media and through Women in Mathematics email lists for International Women's Day, Thursday 8 March, 2018." (and give name).
Thanks very much for your help! We will send a link to the finished video to anyone who contributes a clip. We are looking forward to creating and seeing this very vivid and diverse gallery of women mathematicians!
PS: Instructions for transfer of clip by app:

a. Download the free wetransfer app from the App Store or Play Store.

b. Open the app and click through the introduction screens.

c. A screen that says “Boards” will come up.  Click the plus at the bottom of the screen.

d. Select “Create new board” from the popup menu.

e. Type in “Women in mathematics” as the board name (or any other suitable name), then click on “Create” in the upper right corner of the screen.

f. A screen will come up that says “Add items to your board”.  Click the plus at the bottom of the screen.

g. Select “Photos or Videos” from the popup menu.  This will take you to your photos and videos.

h. Click on the videos you wish to send, then click “Add” in the upper right corner of the screen.

i. This will take you to the new board you have created.  In the upper left there is a “share” button.  Click that.

j. Select mail from the list of options that comes up.

k. Send the message To:

Subject: Women in Mathematics clip

In the content of the message, please add your consent (but don’t overwrite link!):
‘I give my consent to have this film clip edited and used in the short film, “Faces of Women in Mathematics” to be released on social media and through Women in Mathematics email lists for International Women’s Day, Thursday 8 March, 2018.’  

Add your name and send.