I began my career in industry doing Operational Research for British Coal, investigating things like life-cycle costs of coal-cutting machinery, scheduling of tipper lorries to routes and looking at the effects of different work patterns. I then moved into education, teaching maths in a Further Education College to lots of different types of student and converting them to the view that maths is fun! Five years ago, I joined Loughborough University, teaching some of the maths and statistics modules for engineers and chemists and providing maths and statistics support in the MLSC.

I am now doing full time support in the Maths Learning Support Centre and Statistics Advisory Service.

I am a generalist, with a very broad knowledge in lots of different areas, rather than a specialist, so I can help on a wide range of topics: statistics for all subject areas, engineering maths, pure maths and applications of maths, first year modules in the mathematics degree courses.