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Dr Sara Ronca MSc, PhD

Photo of Dr Sara Ronca

Reader in Polymer Science and Technology


Dr Sara Ronca graduated in Chemistry from the University ‘Federico II’, Naples (Italy) in 2000 and she got her PhD in Chemical Sciences from the same university in 2003. After several post-doc appointments across Italy, Netherlands and California, she joined Loughborough University in 2008 as Research Associate and became Lecturer in 2011, Senior Lecturer in 2014 and since May 2019 appointed as Reader in Polymer Science and Technology.

Her scientific interests lie in the field of polymer chemistry, with a particular focus on polyolefins and polyesters. She has studied several aspects of the polymerisation process, with the aim to follow a polymer creation in every step of its lifetime: from ‘conception’ (the choice of the catalyst/the monomer) to ‘birth’ (the choice of reaction conditions), ‘development’ (the material characterisation - in term of both chain microstructure and bulk properties) and ‘final purpose’ (the polymer processing and application).

Outline of main research interests:

  • Metal-catalyzed polymerizations
  • Polymers for high-added value applications
  • Relationships between catalyst structure and polymer properties
  • Polymer rheology


Current teaching responsibilities:

  • MPA201 – Structure and Properties of Materials
  • MPB209 – Advanced Materials Characterisation
  • MPB231 – Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering
  • MPC131 – Biomedical Component Design
  • MPC101 – Sustainability, Recycling and Environmental Issues
  • MPP501 – Polymer Properties
  • MPP506 – Plastics and Composite Applications
  • MPP507 – Polymer characterisation
  • MPP509 – Advances in Biomaterials

Current administrative responsibilities:

  • Soft Matter research theme leader
  • Member of the Welfare and Communications Committee



Recent publications: 

  • S Ronca, T Igarashi, G Forte, S Rastogi “Metallic-like thermal conductivity in a lightweight insulator: Solid-state processed Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene tapes and films” Polymer 2017, 123, 203-210.
  • A Visco, D Nocita, A Giamporcaro, S Ronca, G Forte, A Pistone, C Espro “Effect of Ethyl Ester L-Lysine Triisocyanate addition to produce reactive PLA/PCL bio-polyester blends for biomedical applications” Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials 2017, 68, 308-317.
  • W Zhang, S Ronca, E Mele “Electrospun Nanofibres Containing Antimicrobial Plant Extracts” Nanomaterials 2017, 7(2), 42.
  • A Ronca, S Ronca, G Forte, S Zeppetelli, A Gloria, R De Santis, L Ambrosio “Synthesis and characterization of divinyl‐fumarate poly‐ε‐caprolactone for scaffolds with controlled architectures” Journal of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine 2017, DOI: 10.1002/term.2322.

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External collaborators:

  • Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry