Department of Materials


2 Feb 2021

Tinplate Design Event 2020

Tinplate 2020 montage x 300

On Friday 18th December, the Department of Materials Tinplate Design Event 2020 took place virtually for the first time since its inception. The event takes place on the final day prior to finishing for the winter break and with everyone in high spirits, the event is always a positive one.

The annual event showcases group design work in tinplate and steel wire, which students undertake throughout semester 1 within the second year of their materials studies.

The event is made possible due to a generous donation by the Worshipful Company of Tinplate Workers' alias Wire Workers of the City of London. This year, we were joined by Laurence Mutkin, (Company Master), Lindsay Millington, (the next Master of the Company), John Swain, Nick Mullen, Chris Burgess, Christine Purdy and Bev Page (Worshipful Company Members.)

Students presented their work online to members of the Worshipful Company in the morning and then exhibited their work and posters of their designs in the afternoon, with staff and research students voting for their favourite posters.

Usually the event takes place on campus with the students, staff and VIP guests enjoying some refreshments together but this year we had a cosy online chat and presentations to the winners.

Cash prizes were awarded for the best designs and posters in tinplate and steel wire:

T2 - Best Design in Tinplate – Owen Jones, Imrose Mahmood, Raiha Shahul Hameed

S1 - Best Design in Steel wire – David Ajetunmobi, Harry Llewelyn Jones, Casey Lam, Kieron Robinson

T1 - Best Tinplate Poster – William Foster, Anastasia Krief, Sally Morgan, Taya Stankevych

S3 - Best Steel Wire Poster – Mats Colling, Helen Turley

This module gives students an invaluable opportunity to design an item and then pitch it to industry. The Worshipful Company Representatives hold nothing back in the way that they assess students' designs; examining the work in detail that students present and checking their decision making at every stage of the design process.

The Department of Materials would like to offer thanks to the Worshipful Company, not only for their generous donation, but also for their ongoing support throughout the year.