Department of Materials


5 Aug 2020

Celebrating Our Undergraduate Prize Winners of the 2019/20 Academic Year!

As we are currently unable to congratulate our current Parts A, B and non-finalist Part C students in person this year, we thought we would celebrate them by sharing their achievements with the world instead!

All of our students have excelled this year, in spite of the current pandemic and we are proud to call them our students!

Below are our undergraduate prize winners of the 2019/20 academic year - We hope you will join us in celebrating their achievements!

Nancy Harman x 300 correct




Nancy Harman - John Goodwin Memorial Prize - awarded annually to a student in part C of an MEng programme for effort and achievement, and who the Programme Board judges to have made a significant contribution to the Department

“I am honoured to receive the John Goodwin Memorial prize. I would like to thank the excellent staff in the Department of Materials for inspiring and challenging me throughout the year.”




“We are very pleased to be able to recognise the hard work of our students this academic year, well done to all our prize winners.”

Dr Rebecca Higginson - Head of Department

Furqan Muhammad-Akhtar x 300




Furqan Muhammad-Akhtar - Ubu Ana Memorial Prize - awarded to a Part A student in the Department of Materials who, in the view of the Programme Board, has made the most progress on their course due to their commitment to hard work

“Honoured and humbled to receive this award. Grateful to my colleagues and staff for their continuous support."





"Well done to all of the prize winners! We hope to see you in the Department again soon."

Dr Fiona Hatton - Lecturer in Polymer Chemistry 

 Suzie Coldman x 300



Suzie Coldman - Second year prize David Bone Memorial Prize - awarded annually to a second-year student on a Department of Materials undergraduate programme, for effort, achievement and for making a contribution to the department

"I am very grateful to have been awarded this prize, thank you to everyone in the Department of Materials."





Congratulations to all of our undergraduate prize winners of the 2019/20 academic year from everyone in the Department of Materials!  We look forward to celebrating with you in person in the 2020 academic year!