Department of Materials


29 Jun 2020

Bioengineering student secures Goethe Institute Scholarship

Fern Ellis x 300

Fern Ellis, MEng Bioengineering student in the Department of Materials at Loughborough University has secured the 2020 Goethe Institute Scholarship.

The scholarship is offered by Schwäbisch Hall, which is twinned with Loughborough town and is in the state Baden-Württemberg in South Germany.

Every year the scholarship is offered to a student in Loughborough to study German at the Goethe Institute in Schwäbisch Hall for a period of four weeks. The scholarship covers course fees, board and lodgings. 

Fern studied German GCSE at school and returned to it again at University to develop her language skills, studying German alongside her degree in Bioengineering at the Language Centre on the Loughborough campus.


The criteria for the scholarship:

-          Aged between 18-26 years;

-          Has studied/is studying German and has a basic understanding of the language

-          Has been/is a resident of Loughborough or is within education in the Borough

-          Able to gain from the experience socially, vocationally and academically 

For the last criteria, Fern mentioned in her application that Bioengineering is an international discipline and that in future she would like to work in Europe, particularly Germany.

A personal statement was completed by Fern as part of the application and she was invited to an online interview. The interview panel consisted of The Mayor of Charnwood, a member of the Twinning Association and the Democratic Services Manager for Charnwood Borough Council.

Fern stated, in response to gaining the scholarship:

“I would like to thank the Twinning Association, Charnwood Borough Council and Schwäbisch Hall for offering me this amazing opportunity. It is a unique experience to immerse myself in the local culture and to meet other international students. I look forward to making the most of this opportunity to develop my language skills and to learn about the German culture.”  

Due to the global pandemic, Fern’s scholarship start date has currently been postponed for this year, but it is hoped that Fern is able to take advantage of this great opportunity next year.

From everyone in the Department of Materials – “Congratulations Fern!”