Department of Materials


25 Feb 2019

Materials PhD Student Win - Poster Prize

Jordan Roe x 300 


On the weekend of 16th February, Jordan Roe, PhD Student in the Department of Materials received a prize of £50 for being a joint-winner of a poster session at the Royal Society of Chemistry Biomaterials conference 2019, that took place at Liverpool University.

The poster (pictured left), was titled: “Magnetic hydrogels: Progressively smart materials”

The poster is a reflection of the research Jordan has been undertaking in respect of hydrogels this year, which is an area which is becoming increasingly investigated for their use within regenerative medicine.




The conclusions Jordan drew from this research and future research intentions:

•  This work presents the possibility of creating new biocompatible smart materials by introducing a magneto-responsive element.
•  These smart materials can be highly tuned to alter their mechanical properties to fit the target tissue, depending on monomer and HMNPs concentration, degree of crosslinking, type and size of HMNPs.
•  Future work will focus on improved biocompatibility studies and tuning of the gel characteristics for neuronal circuit formation. 
•  We will continue to investigate factors altering the magnetically actuated gels.

Jordan (pictured right), stated:

“It was great to get some recognition for the work that I’ve been doing over the past year. It’s an exciting project and it was great to see other people get excited about it too.”

Jordan's thanks go to Paul Roach, Helen Wilcock, and Pippa Baynham for their constant help.