Department of Materials


19 Dec 2017

Tinplate Design Show 2017

Tinplate 2017 1 x 670

On the final day of semester prior to the winter break, Part B Materials Engineering students presented their designs for the Tinplate Design Show to the Livery Company of the City of London: The Worshipful Company of Tinplate Workers, Alias Wire Workers and academic staff in the Department of Materials.

S3 2017 x 300



Students developed the tinplate and wire designs and also in some cases, working prototypes, over the past semester, focusing on ‘Adding Value’ to tinplate or steel wire.

T3 2017 x 300





Students started the day by conducting formal presentations to the Worshipful Company and academic staff before presenting their work to the Department, where staff quizzed the groups more informally and voted for their favourite posters.

S2 x 300 2017




Designs included: a birdhouse; shoe racking; a lampshade; tinplate printing service; magnetic photo frames; “Polysteel” (an innovative building kit); sustainable building blocks; and; a glass bottle cover.

T1 x 300 2017





The Design Awards were presented to the groups who developed the steel wire lampshade and tinplate printing service, (top photograph.)

T2 x 300 2017






The Poster Awards were presented to the groups who developed the glass bottle cover and “Polysteel”.

S4 2017 x 300






The day ended with presentations to the winning groups, where cash prizes were conveyed along with certificates by The Master of the Worshipful Company, Mr Howard Reed.

S1 x 300 2017





The School of Aeronautical, Automotive, Chemical and Materials Engineering offers it’s thanks to the Worshipful Company for their donation to the Department of Materials which supports this event and offers its congratulations to the students who participated in the event and the winners of the Tinplate Design Show this year.