Department of Materials


28 Apr 2017

Materials PhD Student Wins EPRIAM 16 Conference Best Paper Prize

Will Philpott with his presentation
Will Philpott with his award

The international conference on the advances in materials research for fossil power plants aims to increase efficiency of plants and explore new processes that become possible with advances in the materials research and capabilities.

A large number of papers were submitted for the conference, which are then reviewed by EPRI before they are included in the conference proceedings.

All papers that get through the first selection process are then reviewed and narrowed down until the reviewers agree on what they think is the best paper.

Will had this to say in regard to receiving the award:

“I was extremely surprised to receive the award! I put a lot of work into this paper, so it’s a huge honour for my paper to be chosen as the best paper, especially when so many other papers were submitted. It wouldn't have been possible without the support and guidance from my supervisors Prof. Rachel Thomson and Dr. Mark Jepson, and also without the facilities and equipment we have in the Materials department at Loughborough University.”

The Department of Materials offers its congratulations to Phil on winning this prize and looks forward to seeing his achievements in the future!