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Hyperspace structures

Hyperspace structures

Useful references

  • Flatland By Edwin A. Abbott.
    The original, definitive work by Edwin A. Abbott. Flatland details the adventures of A Square, a creature living in a two dimensional plane, as he struggles to come to terms with spaces of three or more dimensions.

  • The Fourth Dimension (and how to get there) By Rudy Rucker.
    A popular and easy to read account by Rudy Rucker. Discusses elements from Flatland and beyond. Includes exercises for the reader. Compares treatments of time as the fourth dimension (including time-travel), and the possibilities of four or more spatial dimensions.

  • The Armchair Universe By A. K. Dewdney.
    A collection of ideas on a wide range of mathematical and computer-science topics. Includes a section on modelling and visualisation of the hypercube and hypersphere.

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