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Seminars and events

The School of Mathematics runs a wide variety of weekly seminars, several series of less frequent meetings and many one-off conferences and schools.
  • Events diary

  • Analysis seminars
    The analysis seminar targets an audience with interest in analysis, broadly interpreted, and its applications or simply with interest in pure mathematics.

  • Applied mathematics seminars
    Research seminars on a broad range of topics within applied mathematics including nonlinear waves, mathematical biology, and the dynamics of nonlinear and complex systems.

  • Mathematical physics seminars
    The main research areas covered in this seminar include classical and quantum mechanics, general relativity, geometry,integrable systems, spectral theory, theory of partial differential equations.

  • Mathematical reviews seminars
    These are lunch-time survey talks by members of academic staff on mathematical topics of wide interest..

  • Mathematics education seminars

  • Stochastic analysis seminars
    The stochastic analysis seminar mainly covers some fundamental problems in stochastic analysis, stochastic ordinary differential equations and stochastic partial differential equations.

  • School of Mathematics colloquia
    An occasional series of talks of topics of wide interest

  • Integrable days at Loughborough
    A series of workshops on various aspects of integrable systems.

  • East Midlands Mathematical Physics Seminars
    These are organised by a Joint Research Group (supported by the London Mathematical Society under a Scheme 3 grant) gathering people from Loughborough University, University of Nottingham, and University of Leicester. The meetings are usually in the half-day format, with several talks; they take place at Loughborough, Nottingham or Leicester.

  • Midlands Mathematics Education Seminar network
    A regional network of seminars on mathematics education which rotates between the Universities of Birmingham, Leicester, Loughborough, Nottingham, Oxford and Warwick.

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