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Advanced Conversational French - Part 2

(formerly known as French 6)

This class will be delivered in person, respecting the University's social distancing and masking guidelines. 

Teacher: Michel Cornette.

This course is intended for those who have studied the language recently for 5 years or more or who may have lived in a French speaking country and achieved a high level of proficiency, in particular in speaking and listening skills, and in reading articles in newspapers and magazines.  The standard will be of post ‘A’ level and will introduce greater linguistic sophistication and fluency to discussions. Extensive use will be made of French TV news broadcasts, newspapers and magazine articles, films, songs and cartoons as stimuli for well-argumented discussions in small groups or for the whole class. The emphasis will be on exposure to and active production of the language in a variety of situations closely connected with current affairs issues occurring mainly in France and/or in the UK. Students will be encouraged to develop their fluency in the language and to widen their vocabulary in specific fields,  whilst paying more attention to grammatical accuracy. The course will also enable students to acquire a greater and more varied understanding of  key elements/aspects of French culture, history and current issues.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • Current affairs
  • Politics and society
  • Regional identity and traditions
  • General culture and history
  • Education
  • Religion
  • Immigration
  • Sports and leisure
  • The Arts
  • Tourism

On completion students will be able to:

  • Read authentic newspapers and magazine articles
  • Discuss with confidence various current affairs issues
  • Understand more easily a variety of  TV  programmes

Registration is now open in our Online Store.

Fast Track 2

This course will be delivered online using Microsoft Teams.

This 10-week course for post-beginners is modelled on credit-bearing module LAN102 (French 2). Successful completion of Fast Track 2 gives right of entry to credit-bearing module LAN103 (French 3). This course requires regular work and regular attendance. It includes a third hour of online work per week.

Expected class size will be between 10 and 15 participants.

In addition to 2 x 45 minutes tuition with the teacher via an online platform (with a 10-minute break in between) per week for 10 weeks and guided independent study materials online, the fee includes:

  • A short introduction to using the learning platforms (for learners new to Teams)

  • For an additional fee, learners can be evaluated by the teacher (oral task + marked work and feedback). Details to be provided during the semester.


  • Building on the skills acquired at level 1, to provide non-specialist learners who have a basic knowledge of French with practical communicative competence in the language through systematic exposure to everyday topics

  • To develop cultural competence.

  • To encourage simple thought patterns in the target language.

  • To reach Level A1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages when taken in combination with Fast Track 1 or LAN101. 


N.B. this course is for students who have only been learning French for one semester, once a week. We do not recommend signing up if you are more advanced than this!