Geography and Environment


Dr Michiel Van Meeteren

Photo of Dr Michiel Van Meeteren

Lecturer in Human Geography

Academic Career:

2018- : Lecturer in Human Geography, Loughborough University
2016-2018: Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Geography, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium)


2012-2016: PhD, Department of Geography, Ghent University (Belgium).
2008-2011: Research Master Social Science, Graduate School of Social Science, University of Amsterdam (Netherlands)
2005-2008: Ba in Human Geography, Department of Geography, University of Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Prizes and Awards

2017. Triannual Mercator-Ortelius Award for Belgian dissertations in the spatial disciplines.
2016. Winner of the Regional Science Association International Best Dissertation in Regional Science Award

My work is situated at the interface of urban and economic geography and examines how urban regions and economies are reshaped through the deepening of global interdependencies, technological innovations and uneven development. In recent years, I developed a particular focus on financial relations, as analysing economic and urban development increasingly requires adopting a financial lens. My research strategy is based on the premise that both past theories and theories from different geographical traditions have an important role to play in understanding our contemporary predicament. Therefore, grounding geography's conceptual evolution in historical awareness has become an important aspect of my work. Broadly, my research encompasses the following themes.

Urban Geography

  • Urban systems theory
  • World city networks
  • Geographies of metropolization

Economic and Financial Geography

  • Firm networks, clusters and transnational economic processes
  • Innovation, entrepreneurship and new technologies
  • Financial geography of Europe

History and Epistemology of Geography

  • History of post-1945 Geography
  • Engaged pluralist geographical praxis
  • Transnational histories of Geography

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