Geography and Environment


Dr Laurent G. Courty

Photo of Dr Laurent G. Courty

Postdoctoral Research Associate

My work is broadly aimed at providing tools and insights that could help engineers and practitioners in the field of flood management. I am specifically working on numerical flood modelling, with a focus on the actual computer models, their integration with Geographical Information Systems (GIS), and the role of input data (elevation, rainfall etc.).

Courty, L. G., Rico-Ramirez, M. Á., & Pedrozo-Acuña, A. (2018). The Significance of the Spatial Variability of Rainfall on the Numerical Simulation of Urban Floods. Water, 10(2), 207.

Courty, L. G., Pedrozo-Acuña, A., & Bates, P. D. (2017). Itzï (version 17.1): an open-source, distributed GIS model for dynamic flood simulation. Geoscientific Model Development, 10(4), 1835–1847.

9 years of industry experience as a consulting engineer in the civil engineering sector.