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Avinoam Baruch

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Postgraduate Research Student

PhD Topic/Title: The efficacy of citizen science for improving flood risk management


Citizen science – which is scientific research conducted, in whole or in part, by amateur or nonprofessional scientists – offers an exciting opportunity to improve our understanding of flood events and risks. My PhD aims to explore the ways in which flood risk management can be enhanced by the public’s participation in: i) micro-tasking for satellite imagery analysis and ii) the sharing of local flood observations. The research focuses on: i) public motivations, enablers and barriers for participating in crowdsourcing projects, ii) the added value of citizen contributions for modelling, governance and improving our understanding of risks.

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Conference papers

Baruch A., Carbonneau P., Scott S., and Sinha R., 2014. Water quality measurements from hyperspectral remote sensing: The case of the River Ganga. American Geophysical Union Fall Conference, 2014