Foundation studies

Foundation Year structure

This academic year begins at the start of October and finishes the following June. The year is split into two semesters, each 15 weeks in length, with the same format.

The structure for 2018 is as follows:

Weeks 1 – 11: New material learning and coursework

Week 12: Revision week

Weeks 13 – 15: Examinations

Your Week

Although this will depend upon your final module choices, you will typically have about 18 hours a week of contact time with our highly experienced staff. This contact time may include a variety of tutorials (smaller classes), lectures (larger classes), workshops and laboratory classes. Attendance at all sessions is compulsory for successful completion of the year.

It is expected that for every hour you are in a structured class, you should spend two hours of your own time researching, writing up, learning work or doing set questions etc.

Module choices and progression criteria

Modules are a unit of teaching and learning on a specific subject.

Each of the subject modules you will complete is worth a number of credits which are added up to equal the 60 credits that you must successfully achieve each semester.

All of our modules are worth 15 – 30 credits each. You must complete 120 credits during the foundation year, which will be made up from a variety of compulsory modules and optional modules related to the undergraduate degree you have decided to study after your foundation year.

Foundation Studies Progression Criteria

As well as specific module preferences, each department has different minimum entry requirement levels that you must achieve during your foundation year to enable you to progress to Year 1 of your undergraduate degree.

At the end of your foundation year, in order to progress to your chosen department, you must meet the criteria set by that department. 

Foundation Year Progression Criteria 2018


For new and returning Foundation students

Please access the 18FYF001 Foundation Academic Guidance module via the link below. You will need your university IT credentials to access this module. This module contains:

  • Pre-arrival Induction Task(s)
  • Introduction to Foundation Studies
  • Training in Digital Fluency, and Academic Scholarship
  • Information on Foundation support services