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Dr Derek Stephens
Programme Tutor BSc Information Management and Business Studies
Senior Lecturer

Interests and experience

Research areas cover enhancing business by the use of competitive intelligence, the application of marketing techniques to information services and products, and learning and teaching in information science, for example the use of Computer Aided Learning (CAL) and Computer Assisted Assessment (CAA). Teaching areas are Strategic Planning, Competitive Intelligence and Marketing. Previously an oil and gas exploration manager with a Fortune 500 global company in Canada.

Current research

Consultant on JISC Web2 Rights 2007-2009.
Project Director, FDTL5 Project Library and Information Management and Employability Skills (LIMES) £150,000 HEFCE funding - January 2005 for 2 years. Continuing activities in dissemination and Communities of Practice (CoPs).

PhD research topics

External activities

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.
Member, Editorial Board, for Journal of Computer Assisted Learning
Chapter Head, Northern UK Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (2005).
Nominated by Loughborough University (2004) as its sole submission for the UK's National Teaching Fellowship award in the Experience Practitioner category.
Reviewer for conferences such as the International Computer Assisted Assessment Conference (2001-2008) and the Higher Education Academy Information and Computing Sciences Conference (2004-2008).

Appointed (2007) Visiting Scholar University of Victoria in Wellington, New Zealand.

Selected publications

  • Stephens, D.P.  (2010) An overview of where CI fits within the Knowledge Management (KM) and Information Management (IM) curriculum and practice, BCN Meeting Info 2010, Theme: Competitive Intelligence: new scopes, new trends, new tools, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain, 28th May.
  • Juhari, A.S. and Stephens, D.P. (2009) Taxonomy of CI Software Configurations: A Study on Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Malaysia, SCIP09 Annual Conference, Society of competitive intelligence professionals, Chicago USA.
  • Cleeve, M.L. and Stephens, D.P.(2008) National Library Websites: How do they Market The Library, Alexandria, 20(2), pp67-79.
  • Juhari, A. and Stephens, D. (2007) Tracing the origins of competitive intelligence throughout history, Journal of Competitive Intelligence and Management, 3(4), 61-82.
  • Stephens, D.P. (2007) Creating multimedia teaching materials for an entire subject discipline, ED-MEDIA . World conference on educational multimedia, hypermedia and telecommunications, Vancouver, Canada. pp. 171-187.
  • Wenham, K., Stephens, D.P. and Hardy, R.L., (2003) The marketing effectiveness of UK environmental charity websites compared to best practice, International Journal of Non-Profit and Voluntary Sector Marketing, 8(3), pp. 213-223.
  • Bexon, M., Stephens, D.P. and Pritchett, C., (2002) Competitive intelligence: a career opportunity for the information professional in industry, Journal of Librarianship and Information Science, 34(4), pp. 187-196.

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