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LISU is an internationally renowned research and information centre for library and information services, based in the Department of Information Science at Loughborough University. We collect, analyse, interpret, and publish statistical information for and about the library domain in the UK, and undertake research and consultancy projects for a wide range of organisations.

It is hard to see how policy makers, service providers, or researchers can carry out their work effectively without the continuing work of LISU. Reference Reviews, 22(2), 2008, p8
We all raved about WEWL and said it was our bible and how much we all loved it and relied on it! Quote from Reference Librarians Meeting. Now in its third edition, Who Next? is becoming something of a classic of the children's literature scene... Stella Thebridge, Childrens Librarian, Warwickshire Libraries


Working together: evolving value for academic libraries
A report on this study, which investigated the value of academic libraries for teaching and research staff, is now available to download

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LISU to take over compilation and publication of annual report Fines and Charges in Public Libraries in England and Wales Press release


Health Librarianship and Libraries in Ireland (SHeLLI) report launched

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Now available NEW online
version of Who Next...? at
Press release

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4th edition of Who Next...? A guide to children’s authors
Now available
 Online version of Who Else Writes Like...? at
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6th edition of Who Else Writes Like ...? A readers’ guide to fiction authors

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