Working with us

Working with students

There are a number of ways businesses and organisations can work with our students. Below is a list highlighting the main ways this normally happens. If you would like more information, please contact Nancy Honnor, Research & Enterprise Officer.

Short / long projects

These take place across all of our courses – undergraduate and postgraduate. Examples include: ‘Live projects’ where several organisations set a brief, each student chooses one to work on for a fortnight and the organisation sees the outcomes at the end (a good opportunity to get some inspiration from a number of students); group projects which are usually a brief set by a single organisation for a particular module; and longer final year design projects or dissertations that cover a product design or research topic in depth.


These can be circulated across our student cohort. These are usually outside of the normal curriculum, but very occasionally they can be embedded as part of the teaching. The organisation setting the competition would do most of the organisation and admin but the Design School can act as an effective conduit to the students.

Placement students

This is work completed during the third year of a four year degree within a company. Students work for a minimum of 45 weeks in an external organisation and receive a Diploma in Professional Studies (DPS) or they opt for the Diploma in International Studies (DIS) and do a mix of studying and working overseas.

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Visiting lectures and presentations

These are from external organisations who help to inspire our students and enable them to gain understanding of the sorts of roles they could aspire to after their degree. We have a large lecture theatre with state of the art presentation facilities, available to any of our visitors.

Joint funded PhDs

These are a longer term commitment and are suited to challenges or questions that need a significant amount of time and research devoted to them. PhD studentships are typically 3 years, but some are 4 where they involve an initial year of training. There are several initiatives within the School and wider University that offer funding that can then be matched with external finance. The amount needed for matched funding is variable and there are also opportunities for organisations to fully fund a PhD should they prefer.

The Studio

‘The Studio’ is the graduate commercialisation hub of Loughborough University. It began in 2011 as a collaboration between the Design School and the then School of the Arts. It has now expanded to take graduates from across the campus who wish to develop a product or service idea into a business. External organisations can work with the creative graduates in the Studio as mentors, collaborators or investors.

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Employing our graduates

This is also something we can help you with, with regular slots for employers to present their opportunities in our lecture theatre. Plus, each year in June, our Design School Show is a chance for final year students to showcase their final year projects and for potential employers to meet the students and see their work. Alongside the show we can offer facilities for some companies to carry out interviews if this is helpful.