Working with us

Working with staff

There are a number of ways our staff can help you and your business. Below are some of the various ways we can work with organisations and businesses; for further information on our areas of expertise, please see our Research Strengths. To discuss working with our staff please contact our Research & Enterprise Officer.

Collaborative research projects

This form of collaboration enables particular research challenges to be tackled in a substantial way.

These projects are normally 1-3 years and, as a University, we can leverage public funding for a research team to work on a specific topic. Sometimes, these are in collaboration with other universities and the industrial partner can commit in a range of ways such as staff time, money, facilities or data. Working with external partners provides a direct route for our research to have impact.

Typical funding sources include Research CouncilsInnovateUK and the EU Framework Programme.

Contract research

This is carried out where an external partner has a specific question, or problem to be tackled. The organisation will be the sole funders of the research. Timescales are flexible and teams are assembled as needed for the work.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs)

These are a nationwide initiative administered by InnovateUK and additionally supported by some Research Councils. The partnership consists of an academic supervising an ‘associate’ (new undergraduate or postgraduate) to work on-site with an external partner. The University employs the associate and carries out all the associated admin and recruitment. The partner organisation pays only a percentage of the salary costs.

A typical KTP is 2 years but this varies. KTPs are for organisations that lack the specific knowledge or skills to take an innovate idea forward – this is provided by the academic/associate.


This is a well-known mechanism for employing the skills of an expert. Consultancy projects are hugely variable in timescale and content but are used when an academic has specialist knowledge that an organisation needs. All consultancy carried out by Design School staff in relation to their academic expertise is administered through Loughborough University Enterprises Ltd (LUEL)

Training and short courses (CPD)

This can be an effective way of transferring our specialist knowledge to a group of your staff. As training needs are hugely variable in terms of time, content, cohort size and location, if you think this might be a way you would like to work with us then please get in touch to start discussion.


These are a great way of directly engaging with us in a day-to-day working environment and getting hands-on expertise. Secondments can work both ways. External partners are welcome to spend time with us or we can visit them. There are several schemes that fund secondments, with wide-ranging criteria aims so it’s best to discuss ideas with us at an early stage.

Human Factors/Ergonomics (HFE) Health and Social Care HUB

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